Large Scale, Real time 
Pricing Using AI  Large Scale, Real time
Pricing Using AI

Information is power. Real valuation using Big data.
Experts in Building Prediction Models Experts in Building Prediction Models Leave it to us to build INTELLIGENT products that can search, fetch, and give you the best comps for your property listing.
Do you care about PROPERTY VALUATION? Do you care about PROPERTY VALUATION? Whether you are a lender, AMC, or investor you can mitigate risks by using products that provide real foresight.

Building a competitive advantage with AI and BIG Data

We are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build the next generation of valuation models. Our Intelligent Valuation Models (IVM) are at the core of all our products.


The value of a home can be driven by a number of factors: lot size, living area, number of rooms, house condition, construction quality, neighborhood amenities, access to transportation and transit, etc. We collate large real-estate data sets and process them through our data layer. Our Intelligent Valuation models then use this data layer to produce home pricing predictions that are accurate, transparent and self-learning.


Accurate Accurate


Transparent Transparent


Self-learning Self-learning


Cost Less Cost Less



Need accurate and fast valuations – ClarionAI, our valuation suite provides the answers you need. Contact us to discuss how our Intelligent Valuation Report (IVR) can help give you an edge.


Add power to your investment property price negotiations. Choose from any of our products to gain that buyer’s edge you’ve been seeking.


Increase your return on investment. Get the leverage you need with Verus Indices.

MBS Traders

Use our tool to understand fundamental values with securities. Get updated collateral pricing. Get access to the best valuation tool in the market, LoanSageAI for MBS pass throughs.

Real Estate Agents

Stay ahead of the competition. Secure that client. You have an edge in buying and/or selling a home with both our CMA and Real Estate Leads tool, GoferAI.

Market Analysts

With our suite of products, you can monitor and research market trends to satisfy your and your customer’s bottom line.

Investors Investors
Lenders Lenders
MBS Traders MBS Traders
Real Estate Agents Real Estate Agents
Market Analysts Market Analysts

Appraisal is transforming the Real-Estate Pricing Landscape

Keeping up with large scale data and algorithms is only possible when you have our AI model