Our mission is to create Intelligent Valuation Models (IVM) that surpass human accuracy, reduce valuation costs and drive transparency in real estate markets.



Our vision is to have every parcel of land on this planet accurately priced and valuations updated in real time.


At Appraisal we take BIG Data and the power of AI to create dynamic and timely technologies. Our focus is in the real estate industry, specifically Single Family Residences (SFR). We understand the emotional and financial commitment people make when buying and selling their homes. We also believe in the value of investment and in removing any guesswork around property valuations and price forecasts. With the amount of data available and limitless computing power, we are able to transform mathematical equations into information that is accurate, easy to access, fast, and transparent.

We’ve taken both our data and model fabric and incorporated AI’s seamless technologies into product that is accurate, dynamic, and reliable.

Our Products


We’ve built a comprehensive data set for the entire U.S. Our data set encompasses all the necessary information to help bring value to your property and investments. 


Our current state of the art meta learner combines various AI models and learns to intelligently explore complex ideas. It is here where AI can, for example, incorporate new predictions into pricing forecasts. The magic of AI is its ability to learn and adapt to our ever changing needs.

​”​We tend to overestimate the short-term impact of technological change and underestimate its long-term impact. AI and Big Data will profoundly transform the real estate transaction process. We are just at the beginning of this transformation.​”​

Ritesh Bansal

CEO​ ​/​ ​Founder