Why Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

When you give a machine enough processors and data, it can perform at greater accuracy and handle large, complex calculations at very high speeds.

If a machine can perform better than humans, we can use it to our advantage.  We can teach a machine to calculate and use sophisticated models to give us better information.

The truth is that we are at a NEW BREAKTHROUGH in using machines to do work and learn.

AI models (i.e. deep learning) have systematically exceeded human accuracy in a variety of domains; these domains range from the cognitive like Chess, Go, Poker to the audio-visual like speech recognition, translation, image classification, etc.


At Appraisal we’ve embraced AI and have created a formula; a single strand expression that is allowing us to shape the way we can predict property values and translate them into accurate pricing. We are in the business of eliminating the margins of error. We are creating price transparency in real estate markets.

After all, our vision is to price every plot of land on this planet and have real-time valuation updates.


Most people don’t understand the difference between 95% accuracy and 99% accuracy. 99% accuracy is game changing.

Andrew Ng

Deep Learning Researcher, Founder of Google Brain and former Chief Scientist, Baidu